Staying Afloat at La Concepcion School, Argentina
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Staying Afloat at La Concepcion School, Argentina

Grand Circle's regional associates and Program Directors donated $3010 after floods—and ask for your help to provide a safe, secure future

On an island outside of Tigre in the Parana River Delta region of Argentina, there is a community that lives its life on the water. Its waterways are its highways, and residents eke out a living fishing or working locally in the delta.

The region is completely dependent upon the delta—and also completely at its mercy when flood waters rise.

Since 2005, Grand Circle Foundation has supported La Concepción School on the Parana River Delta with donations totaling more than $70,000. Among the projects we've helped fund are the renovation of the school kitchen and dining room; and the construction of three classrooms, built on stilts to help prevent flooding.

The safety features built into these three classrooms proved invaluable in September of 2010, when a period of extremely heavy rain and wind left every room at La Concepción School completely flooded—except for those built by the Foundation. Unsure where to turn with her floors covered by three feet of water, Principal Monica Ceruti contacted Magdalena Zoroza, Grand Circle's Regional General Manager in South America.

Moved by Monica's plight, Magdalena sprung into action. "This school is very special to us," she says. "We wanted to find the best way to help them as soon as possible." She organized a fundraising drive among her colleagues in South America. Together, they raised $1505 to help Monica replace items that were destroyed by the flood—and the Foundation agreed to match the donation, bringing the total to $3010.

But the school still faces daily struggles. Will you give what you can to help Monica build a more stable future for La Concepción?

For the safety of her students, Monica has raised funds to build three more classrooms similar to the ones the Foundation built years ago—so the next time the Parana River floods, the school will be saved from considerable damage. But until she is able to purchase furniture for these classrooms, she will not be able to put them into use.

The Foundation hopes to help Monica raise the $2500 needed to furnish one of these classrooms, so that classes can be held in them as soon as possible.

"This is a public school," says Monica. "The community is very humble, and a big part of our funds come from donations." No donation is too small—and because Grand Circle Foundation has no administration fee, 100% of your gift will go toward helping the children of La Concepción.

Monica has already seen tremendous changes thanks to the help of the Foundation and Grand Circle travelers—and she's looking forward to taking another step. "We are deeply thankful and happy for the five years that our friends at Grand Circle have been helping us," she says. "The school has grown and improved much more in the last five years than in the previous 35. It has been wonderful."

 Please join us in securing the future of La Concepción School today.

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