Help for Peruvian Families: Community Service Update
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Help for Peruvian Families: Community Service Update

Our team in Peru gets ready to assist with rebuilding two homes in the Sacred Valley

Peruvian familyNow that the rainy season has come to an end in Peru, we're looking forward to beginning our community service project to help rebuild the damaged homes of two families with a special connection to OAT. (Learn more about the Sacred Valley project here. )

Erik Cardenas, our Area Manager in Peru, shares the following update on how we'll be using our $24,257 gift, which was raised by 216 generous travelers and associates and a matching gift from Grand Circle Foundation.

The Llanos Family

Of the two families we're supporting, this was the more fortunate: The Llanos family home was solidly built, so it did not completely collapse. The family did, however, lose everything inside the house—so the Foundation will support them by helping to purchase new furniture and appliances. In late June, our Cuzco office team and Peruvian Trip Leaders and Program Directors will clear the family's property of debris during their first day of community service. During subsequent events, the team will construct a fence around the property and paint the reconstructed home. Estimated cost of this project is $7000.

The Ccori Family

As the Ccori home was completely destroyed by the mudslide, the Foundation will devote the balance of the funds we raised to help with this intensive rebuilding effort. The team currently has one day of community service scheduled to remove debris and begin the construction of a perimeter fence. Depending on the rate of progress, additional service events will be planned to help with construction, painting, or anything else that needs to be done.

We look forward to reporting back on our progress when these projects are complete—and we thank all who generously supported these families with a donation.

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