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Through Grand Circle Foundation, we've made philanthropy a core part of our business model at Grand Circle and Overseas Adventure Traveland we are fortunate to work with suppliers and community partners each day who support our philanthropic endeavors. From individual leaders to large corporations, our travel partners prove that a generosity of spirit is sometimes all in a day's work.

Qantas Airlines, Argos Oil, Jet Airways, LAN, Air India, Victoria Cruises, Delta Airlines

Seven Long-Term Partners Committed to Social Change

Having been in the travel business for 25 years, Alan and Harriet have cultivated strong long-term partnerships with many companies—and this past month, seven of them chose to take their partnership one step forward by joining Grand Circle Foundation to create positive social change worldwide.  The companies, including airlines, a cruise line, and a fuel company, have in total donated more than $75,000 in cash or in-kind donations toward Foundation projects in 30 countries worldwide.

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Willy Chambulo

Honorary Director, Grand Circle Foundation
Managing Director/Owner of Kibo Safaris, Tanzania

Often referred to as "Wild Willy" due to his seemingly boundless energy, Willy Chambulo is an inspirational example of a leader who, against all odds, made his dream of owning a safari company a reality. In keeping with his Maasai heritage, he grew up with few material possessions, and he had no formal education beyond primary school. He did, however, learn auto mechanics, and he worked his way into the safari business as a mechanic and driver. Earning little more than tip money, Willy patiently saved just enough to purchase one vehicle and the registration for his tour company: Kibo Safaris, which he founded in 1991 and has since grown into one of Tanzania's top safari operators.

Fiercely proud of his heritage and native land, Willy believes in sharing his successes. By employing guides and lodge staff from neighboring communities, he stimulates the local economy, and many of his properties (including Mama Wilson's Lodge and Ngorongoro Farmhouse) serve as both safari lodges and working farms that sustain the region with crops and livestock. He also partnered with OAT traveler Susan Rickert to build a school in the village of Karatu, which is supported by Grand Circle Foundation.

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British AirwaysNew Generation Leaders Tanzania

Giving Back to the World We Travel Award Recipient, 2007

A full-service airline with extensive routes across the globe, British Airways has been "flying with pride" for 90 yearsand in 1984, the company began taking pride in responsible air travel through "One Destination": a series of initiatives designed to make British Airways the most efficient and responsible airline in operation. While the environment is a major focus of One Destination, the company is also committed to charitable projects, business ethics, and efficiencies in the workplace.

British Airways is an important air supplier for Grand Circle and Overseas Adventure Traveland, in the true spirit of philanthropy, this partnership extends beyond simply arranging flights for many of our vacations. In 2007, British Airways donated airfare for Grand Circle Foundation's Next Generation Leaders program, which sent ten outstanding inner city Boston students on a trip to Tanzania. Because of this generous gesture, the airline was instrumental in providing students with an experience that will enrich them for a lifetime.