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Rebuilding Together Leaders

Every day, the associates of Grand Circle and Overseas Adventure Travel do wonderful things for our company and our travelers, but many keep working when they're off the clock to make a difference in their communities.


Joe Cali, Executive Vice President

Joe Cali was awarded the 2006 Excellence in Community Service Award with these words from City on a Hill Board Chair Steve Kraus: "Joe's commitment to both his company and his community is inspiring." In 2004, Joe had approached Grand Circle Foundation Chair Harriet Lewis with a request for a challenging project. She found him one. City on a Hill Charter Public School was facing a leadership crisis and a budget deficit. Joining the board in 2004, Joe was thrown into the mix right away. In his first year as treasurer, the school had a surplus, and Joe was key to making that happen. In accepting the award from Grand Circle, Joe credited his father, who taught him, "It doesn't matter where you live, how much money you have, or what kind of car you drive. What matters is whether this world is a better place because you have been there." Joe not only internalized those words, he also works to instill them in his own children, the children of City on a Hill, and everyone whose life he touches.

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Priscilla O'Reilly, Director, Public Relations

Priscilla O'Reilly was honored with the 2005 Excellence in Community Service Award. It was in recognition not only of her role in helping to establish the Community Service Team more than ten years ago, but her personal commitment to making Grand Circle, the city of Boston, and the world a better place. Presenting the award to Priscilla, Harriet Lewis described her as "the heart and soul of Grand Circle." Born in New York, the second of six children, Priscilla credits her father with exerting a major influence over her life. "My father has always been very compassionate towards others, and he taught us to treat people with kindness and respect." In keeping with the spirit that won her the award, Priscilla added her own money to her recognition check and donated it to the Welfare Center of Thai Nguyen Province in Vietnam, from which her daughter Lee was adopted. The funds were used to purchase a washing machine and two space heaters.

"I look at the ongoing volunteer work that many of my fellow associates do and hope that my daughter, Lee, will be like them," says Priscilla.

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