Fulfill a Dream of Independence in Thailand
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Fulfill a Dream of Independence in Thailand

We're making progress toward our agricultural cooperative in Don Chum Village,
but we still need your help to kickstart the local economy

Less than a year ago, in May of 2010, the Foundation's Invest in a Village project at Don Chum, Thailand first began—and already, the agricultural cooperative has seen tremendous progress. Phase 1 was officially completed in October, providing the village with a chicken coop, catfish pond, and plots for local crops like string beans, morning glory, mushrooms, and corn. The villagers have been working together to raise the chicken and catfish and harvest the vegetables, which have been sold for a profit and reinvested in the cooperative. In addition, the village has yielded enough surplus protein and produce to share with Don Chum Primary School, where it helps provide nutritious lunches for the students.

At the end of January, the Chief of Don Chum Village, Mr. Udom Naksaeng, was pleased to report that Phase 2 has also been completed at the agricultural cooperative. The catfish pond can now accommodate 3000 more fish, and the chicken coop has been expanded to accommodate 50 hens to lay eggs. The vegetable plantations have also been expanded. Finally, the roof of the senior center has been repaired, which will help to pave the way for Phase 3: producing, packaging, and selling delicious Northern Thai snacks—including chili dip and pork cracklings. The snacks will be manufactured and sold at the senior center.

Mr. Naksaeng passed on a heartfelt message to Grand Circle Foundation, which we wish to share with all of the generous travelers who have helped make this project possible. "On behalf of the villagers, I would like to sincerely express our gratefulness to Grand Circle Foundation for helping to change the lives of the people of Don Chum Village," he says. "This project has helped to encourage great cooperation among the village people, and it also gives us a good opportunity to develop our agricultural skills. We wish Grand Circle Foundation continued success."

The Foundation, in turn, wishes continued success to Mr. Naksaeng and the people of Don Chum.

The village has just $735 remaining to reach their final goal! Invest in Phase 3 of the Don Chum Agricultural Cooperative today, and help keep the village economy growing.

The Foundation charges no administrative fee, so 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go straight to the people of Don Chum Village.

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