Miracles in the Making for Zimbabwe's Ziga School
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Miracles in the Making for Zimbabwe's Ziga School

Thanks to an overwhelming response from our travelers, new classrooms, a water borehole, and new toilets are currently underway

Since our last update in late 2010, progress at Ziga has moved steadily forward—thanks to the incredible generosity of OAT travelers. We have successfully aided Ziga with the construction of a new toilet block and the installation of a water borehole.

Now, our attention has turned to Headmaster Chilufiya's most pressing goal: the replacement of two classroom blocks, one of which had been condemned as unsafe for occupancy.

Thanks largely to donations from our travelers, the Foundation has provided $23,253 to cover the cost of building materials, transportation of materials to the classroom site, and labor—all of which is urgently needed to create a better learning environment for the children of Ziga. The site for the first new classroom block has been cleared, and the condemned block has been demolished. In early March, builders began to lay the foundations.

To ensure quality craftsmanship, we have contracted the same builders who have assisted us with successful renovations at the nearby Ngamo School. Wilderness Safaris, our long-time vendor in southern Africa, will be supporting the construction efforts, particular in regards to transporting goods and hiring laborers—and the parents of Ziga students have also contributed to the effort, working together to demolish the old classrooms.

While the construction of these classrooms will eventually have an enormous impact on the students at Ziga, one traveler proved that even small comforts can change people's lives for the better. OAT traveler David Curtis and his group of fellow travelers raised funds to send new winter jackets for every single student—because while midday temperatures are soaring in Zimbabwe, the early mornings and evenings can be quite chilly, particularly in the winter months that will soon be upon the Southern Hemisphere. The slogan on the jackets reads: "Education is POWER."

We extend our gratitude to David Curtis and the many travelers who helped make our construction projects possible.

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