Your Generosity is Helping to Feed an Entire Costa Rican Community
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Your Generosity is Helping to Feed an Entire Costa Rican Community

We're well on our way to creating a self-sustaining microfarm at the San Francisco School -
Your further donations can help us provide schoolchildren with food for generations to come

"One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade."
—Chinese proverb

On a visit to the primary school in the Costa Rican village of San Francisco de Penas Blancas, you might see children learning in a very unusual setting: a barn. And not just any barn, but a structure that is central to Grand Circle Foundation's first-ever Invest in a Village initiative. A microfarm is being created to feed the school's 180 children breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner, too.

Building a barn to house livestock (and once-a-week classes for the children of this agricultural community) marked the successful completion of Phase 2 of the microfarm project. The first phase consisted of purchasing the land and preparing it for cultivation. To grow crops, however, an irrigation system was needed, and that became part of the focus of Phase 3 of the initiative.

A portion of Phase 3 still remains to be funded, however:

We need your help to reach $21,000, at which point we'll purchase livestock and stock the tilapia pond.

The children need protein, too, and this final phase of the microfarm project will fill the barn with livestock and also construct a tilapia pond. Tilapia grow and expand their population quickly, so once the pond is completed, lunch plates can soon be filled with tasty fresh fish. According to Wolfgang Brunner, our Regional General Manager of Latin America and an inspiration for the project, the funds will also purchase 70 chickens, three cows, and four goats.

Most important of all, however, is the ultimate gift of sustainability, which will benefit generations to come.

You can be sure that the community is partnering with us in this effort. In addition to providing the labor for the project, villagers have raised $12,773 for the microfarm. As the school's principal, Eulin Chacon, puts it, "My #1 goal with the school is to become totally independent." With your help, a self-sustaining microfarm at the San Francisco can make a difference in the life of this village for generations to come.

Your donation can help the community of San Francisco de Penas Blancas achieve its vision of a self-sustaining microfarm. And because there are no administration costs, 100% of your gift is invested directly to help the village.

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