Saluting Travel Partners Committed to Social Change
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Saluting Travel Partners Committed to Social Change

Seven long-term travel vendors will support Foundation projects in 30 countries through generous cash and in-kind donations

Having been in the travel business for 25 years, Alan and Harriet have cultivated strong long-term partnerships with many companies—and this past month, seven of them chose to take their partnership one step forward by joining Grand Circle Foundation to create positive social change worldwide.  The companies, including airlines, a cruise line, and a fuel company, have in total donated more than $75,000 in cash or in-kind donations toward Foundation projects in 30 countries worldwide.

"The travel industry has a great opportunity to foster positive social change in the world," says Harriet. "Our travel industry partners are passionate about making a difference, and by teaming up together, we can accomplish so much more than we can by working alone. All of us at Grand Circle Foundation are so appreciative of our partners' support and of their commitment to making the world a better place."  

We thank the following partners for their generous support:

QANTAS Airlines:
For support of schools in Australia and New Zealand; special thanks to Mr. Rohan Garnett and Ms. Sarah Crosby.

Argos Oil – The Netherlands:

Supporting Grand Circle Foundation's school projects worldwide; special thanks to Mr. EvertJan Bulder.

Jet Airways:
In-kind donation to assist schools in India and Nepal; special thanks to Mrs. Lisa Markovic.

LAN Airlines:

To support educational projects in Argentina, Peru, Chile and Ecuador; special thanks to Ms. Paola Penarete.

Air India:

In-kind donation to support of schools in India; special thanks to Mr. Shiv Kapuria.

Victoria Cruises:
Supporting Grand Circle Foundation's work in China; with special thanks to Mr. James Pi.


Joint Venture Partners Delta/KLM/Air France:
In-kind donations to support inner city Boston youth program; special thanks to Mr. Jim Magrath.

"Alone, we're like a single thread, but when you weave our threads together, you can create a tapestry that is pretty spectacular," says Harriet. "We are honored to partner with such wonderful organizations and people."

Thanks again to our travel partners for joining us in giving back to the world we travel.

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