Rebuilding Together: A Labor of Love
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Rebuilding Together: A Labor of Love

140 Grand Circle associates pitch in to renovate a home in Dorchester, MA

Donna Shepard's two-family Dorchester home has been in her family since 1963. In 1987, following the death of her mother, Donna moved back here to care for her ailing father—and she's been living here ever since. She's the kind of person who lives to help people, both at home and on the job, where she works as an administrative assistant for Boston's Emergency Medical Services.

Living alone on a fixed income, Donna could never afford to make some much-needed repairs to her beloved family home—until 140 Grand Circle associates and their families intervened. Donna's home was chosen as the site of our 15th annual Rebuilding Together Boston (RTB) event—our biggest company-wide community service event of the year. RTB is a local chapter of a national non-profit that helps renovate the homes of individuals who, due to illness, financial hardship, or other reasons, are unable to pay for essential home repairs.

In typical RTB fashion, our giant crew descended upon the property on a Saturday morning in April. They worked tirelessly to paint, plant new bushes and flowers, clean—and truly make Donna Shepard's home a new place to live. In fact, Donna was so grateful, she decided to do some giving back at her own at another Grand Circle community service event.

Here are some photos of the event, which was truly a labor of love for everyone involved:

RTB committee co-chair Jim Cummings, homeowner Donna Shepard, and fellow
co-chair Nicole Braley prepare to get to
work on Donna's 100-year-old home.
OAT associates pose for a group photo before the real work begins. Karl Krebs shows off his painting skills as he works in the dining room.
Danielle Giannone braves the scaffolding to paint the home's upper floor. The landscaping crew plants new bushes and flowers in the backyard. Despite the hard (and messy) work, the volunteers were all smiles throughout the day.
The crew took a midday break for a well-deserved barbecue lunch. Jamel Langston, one of Grand Circle Foundation's Next Generation Leaders for 2010, joined OAT associates to do his part for Rebuilding Together Boston. Everyone at Grand Circle Foundation agrees that getting their hands (and clothes!) dirty never felt so rewarding.