Grand Circle Associates Truly Give of Themselves
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Grand Circle Associates Truly Give of Themselves

79 warm-hearted volunteers lined up to give blood during a particularly challenging season

As everyone who works at Grand Circle headquarters knows, a snowstorm can create all kinds of emergencies. And the winter of 2011 saw a lot of snowstorms. It also saw one associated emergency a lot of people aren't aware of: an acute shortage of blood donations.

According to the National Blood Data Resource Center, in 2001 (the latest data available) an average of 38,000 units of blood were needed across the U.S. every single day—a figure that increases about 6% a year.

Consider the impact, then, of losing an anticipated 8,000 donations in the Boston area alone last January because severe weather closed schools and businesses and canceled blood drives. Yet, at the same time, snowy roads were causing the very injuries for which that blood was needed!

Answering the Call to Action

In response to the crisis, Grand Circle hosted a blood drive at its Boston headquarters on February 11. Floor captains on each of the six floors of the company's historic brick building urged their colleagues to give. So, when a Massachusetts General Hospital Bloodmobile pulled into the loading dock area at the back of the building, 79 associates lined up to give. Of those, 64 donations were successful.

As three patients' lives can be saved by each donation, a total of 192 people were helped as a result of these generous contributions.

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