2011 Foundation Dinner
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2011 Foundation Dinner

On April 6, 2011 we hosted our annual Grand Circle Foundation dinner at our headquarters in Boston.  It was a time to reflect upon all we've done together during this past yearand to celebrate!  We couldn't have done it without you.


Alan and Harriet Lewis with Deb Re, recipient of the 2010 Lewis Changing People's Lives Award Alan and Harriet with Julie Kremer, recipient of the 2010 Excellence in Community Service Award The Grand Circle Foundation staff pauses for a photo. From left: Jan Byrnes, Laura Chavanne, Lauren Fabrizio, Maury Peterson, and Brian Fitzgerald
Harriet Lewis with Mark Culliton and Ismail Adburrashid from College Bound Dorchester From left: Deb Re (CEO of Big Sister Association of Greater Boston), Henry Barr (of West End House), and Susan Rodgerson (from Artists for Humanity) Robert Lewis Jr. (of Boston Astros) and Mark Frevert, Executive Vice President & Chief Architect, Grand Circle Corporation
Grand Circle associates enjoy Grand Circle's annual Foundation Dinner. From left: Mary Ann Lawrence, Maggie Nevins, Ray Whalen, and Laverne Schaff From left: Amy Zalaway (Next Generation Leader), Jason Talbot (Artists for Humanity), and Grand Circle associates Brian Fitzgerald, Laura Chavanne, and Mike Guerrera From left: Catherine D'Amafo (from Greater Boston Food Bank), and Grand Circle associates Nicole Braley, Jim Cummings, Marge Coughlin, and Katrina Cuddy
From left: Grand Circle associate Cathy Rogers, Andrea Howard (from West End House), and Greg Zaff (of SquashBusters) From left: Grand Circle associate Maury Peterson, Brook Fincke (of City on a Hill), Jaleela Browler (Next Generation Leader), and Paul Hays (from City on a Hill) From left: Grand Circle associates Christina Micek, Maria Mastrocola, Molly Mastantuono, and Brie Fitzpatrick