2010 Foundation Dinner
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2010 Foundation Dinner

On April 8, 2010 we hosted our annual Grand Circle Foundation dinner at our headquarters in Boston.  It was a time to reflect upon all we've done together during this past yearand to celebrate!  We couldn't have done it without you.


Grand Circle Foundation Staff: Serah Makka, Laura Chavanne, Maury Peterson, Lauren Fabrizio and Shannon Lavery Susan Rodgerson(Artists for Humanity) with Denise Sablone (EVP Worldwide Grand Circle) Darryl Soto (2010 Next Generation Leaders) with Alan, Teresa Soares-Pena (SquashBusters) and Rodney Galvao (2010 Next Generation Leaders)
Julie Kremer (Grand Circle), Linda Yew (Neurofibromatosis, Inc.), and Karen Peluso (Neurofibromatosis, Inc.) Martha Prybylo (EVP People & Culture, Grand Circle) Alan & Harriet with Kevin McCall (Paradigm Properties)
Valerie Navy-Daniels (American Red Cross), Serah Makka, and Alan Harriet Lewis Harriet and Andrea Howard (West End House)
 Robert Lewis (StreetSafe) and
Kate Guedj (Boston Foundation)
 Alan, Andrea Howard, Harriet &
Tom Whearty  
 Henry Barr (Barr & Cole),Martha Prybylo & Vince Cook (CEO, Grand Circle Corporation)