What People are Saying
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What People are Saying

OAT travelers share their impressions of A Day in the Life

"This was a unique experience. The visit to the village headman's house and the discussions with his family were excellent."
Coskun & Ayse A.
A Day in the Life of Ngamo, Zimbabwe

"This was a wonderful day… We saw the step well and the great artifacts around it. Wow! Our Trip Leader shared his excitement for the people and the beautiful works here. We even stopped and spontaneously helped a group of women weed with scythes along the roadway."
William & Patricia V.
A Day in the Life of Ranthambhore, India

"The visit to the home of the mayor of Xom Gio was very enlightening. The luncheon outside under the trees was very enjoyable, while pigs and chickens roamed around the yard. The chance to weave baskets and saw wood for chopsticks was fun and a way to familiarize the group with the actual work these families do to earn a living."
Conrad & Lenee O.
A Day in the Life of Nha Trang, Vietnam

"I loved the entire experience. It was great having the opportunity to meet and talk with the village chief and his wife. It was a very open and relaxed conversation where we were encouraged to ask any and all questions. It was also highly interesting to see the other village people, their homes, livelihood, and have the opportunity to purchase their crafts."
Louise M.
A Day in the Life of Nha Trang, Vietnam

"This was probably the best experience I have had on an OAT trip. The people were amazing and had us help in all aspects of their daily lives. Very well done!"
Cheryl S.
A Day in the Life of Iraqw Village, Tanzania

"The visit was excellent, very interesting. I'm sure we all learned a great deal about the local culture. The visit was very authentic."
James P.
A Day in the Life of Iraqw Village, Tanzania