Agricultural Cooperative at Don Chum Village, Thailand
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Agricultural Cooperative at Don Chum Village, Thailand

Invest in a sustainable, independent future for a village that can't yet support itself

Imagine you're a farmer, and most of your seasonal income is immediately spent on a 25-mile trip to the city to purchase seeds and fertilizer. You are forever indebted to "the middle man," and you cannot get ahead. Someday, when you are too old to work the fields, you will desperately need a source of income … but when farming is all you know, you can find no opportunity for employment.

Since 2004, Grand Circle Foundation has been partnering with Thailand's Don Chum Village, a community of more than 600 people in the province of Phrae. Currently, Don Chum is entirely dependent on the city of Phrae for its food and farming supplies. With no public transport available, the 25-mile trip is expensive and sometimes impossible for the poorest villagers, who cannot afford a truck or motorbike. This poses challenges not only for the farmers and for residents trying to feed themselves, but for Baan Dom Chum School, which is required to provide lunch for its students.

Working closely with the chief of the village, Mr. Udom Naksang, Grand Circle Foundation will establish an agricultural cooperative in the center of Don Chum, close to the village temple and the senior center. "The village chief will be a key leader to drive this project with strong support from the chief of the senior center, Mr. Me Manop," says Rung Chatchaloemwut, our Regional General Manager in Thailand. "I believe in their strong leadership and have confidence that this investment will be worthwhile to change the lives of the people of Don Chum."

When complete, the cooperative will change lives in Don Chum by creating jobs, providing nutrition, and generating income through the sale of produce and other agricultural products (such as eggs, fish, and seeds for farmers).

To learn how we're progressing in Don Chum, read our fundraising update.