Support Schools and Villages in Peru & Tanzania
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Support Schools and Villages in Peru & Tanzania

How Foundation Grants Have Made a Difference in the Lives of Children in the Southern Hemisphere

Since its founding in 1992, Grand Circle Foundation has pledged and donated $50 million to nearly 100 schools in 60 communities worldwide. Through initiatives like Invest in a Village and Day in the Life of a Village, we also seek to lend a greater helping hand in villages where we've already developed strong relationships. In that way, we hope to make a difference in the lives of children—one day and one village at a time.

Making a Difference in Peru

In the small villages of the Sacred Valley, set in the Peruvian highlands where the ancient Incas thrived, today's villagers make adobe bricks and use oxen to plow their farmlands. Grand Circle Foundation gifts have supported three schools here by building classrooms that will help focus the children's learning experience. Foundation funds have also helped fund other renovations, as well as purchase desks and school supplies for the schools. "Improving the schools can really open the future for the children of these villages," says Erik Cardenas, Grand Circle's Regional General Manager for South America. "It's amazing what a difference it makes, simply to separate the children by grade level, instead of having them all learn in one big room."

Transforming Lives in Tanzania

The Foundation also continues to support long-time partners, such as the four schools in the village of Karatu, Tanzania. In order to provide students with opportunities to further their education, Banjika Secondary School was built here in 2004—thanks largely to the efforts of OAT traveler Susan Rickert. In addition to supporting Banjika's construction, the Foundation has made considerable improvements to the village's three primary schools, including building and renovating classrooms, lavatories, and water tanks, and constructing a new kitchen. "The difference Grand Circle Foundation has made in these schools is night and day," says Roger Clulow, Grand Circle's Regional General Manager for Africa. "These kids have such a passion for learning, it's great to see them get the environment they need to excel."

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