Help the Women of Bearat Earn a Living Wage
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Help the Women of Bearat Earn a Living Wage

We've exceeded the first two goals for our Women's Sewing Workshop—
and with your help, we're ready for the next step

Women in sewing projectWe have been touched by our travelers' response to our fundraising efforts on behalf of the women of Bearat, who rely on sewing and embroidering garments and table linens to provide for their families. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and a matching gift from Grand Circle Foundation, we are pleased to report that we have exceeded our Phase 1 and Phase 2 fundraising goals for the Women's Sewing Workshop with a total amount of $12,326.

Together, in just a few short months, we've made great strides toward providing these women and their families with a sustainable source of income. We've increased the workshop's capacity from just four women to 25—and soon, they will each have their own sewing or embroidery machine to help them work more efficiently.

The growth of the project, however, has resulted in new challenges. 

For example, the workshop is quickly outgrowing its original one-room facility. And as new machines and training enables the women to increase their output, they must increase their opportunities to sell their handiwork in order to make their efforts worthwhile.

Reaching our final goal of $15,000 will enable us to move the workshop to a larger space and explore new marketing opportunities—but to get there, we need your help.

We are currently in the process of transferring the final Phase 2 funds to Egypt for the
purchase of additional sewing and embroidery machines. When this is complete, our most immediate goal will be moving to a bigger space that will accommodate all 25 women and the new equipment. Then, when the workshop is operating at full capacity, we'll create additional opportunities to sell more items—including setting up shop in the markets of West Luxor and commissioning the workshop to make uniforms for schoolchildren.

"I asked the women whether they felt better off now than they did when we first started," says Salah Badea, our Area Manager in Egypt. "All at once, as if they were one voice, they answered, 'yes!' All of us at Grand Circle's Cairo office are thrilled by the progress of the workshop—and by the generosity of the travelers who are contributing."

We're just $2674 away from our final goal, which will help the Women's Sewing Workshop become profitable and fully self-sustainable.

Remember—because we charge no administration fee, 100% of our contributions will go directly to the village of Bearat.

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