The Women's Sewing Workshop at Bearat, Egypt
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The Women's Sewing Workshop at Bearat, Egypt

Invest in machines, supplies, and training to support 25 women in need

Egypt sewingIn the village of Bearat on the West Bank of Luxor, a woman named Bataa sews garments by hand to earn an income of 30 Egyptian pounds per month—approximately $5.50. Without machinery, it takes her ten days to finish a single garment, and she works seven days a week. Bataa's seven-year-old son, Karim, has the typical needs of a growing boy his age, like clothing, toys, and books. Bataa can barely afford even the most basic of these. So when Karim tells her he wants a soccer ball so he can play with his friends, it breaks her heart to tell him that she can't spare the money to buy one. 

Salah Badea, our Area Manager in Egypt, met Bataa and several women like her during a recent visit to Bearat—which is the site of a Grand Circle Foundation Invest in a Village project. "In general, this community lacks funds for necessary needs," says Salah. "The sewing project will help women in the community improve their skills and generate income." 

The machines, supplies, and training fees funded by this project will enable women like Bataa to increase their output and thereby sell more garments than they possibly could sewing by hand—and they will also provide jobs for other women who currently have no source of income. All told, 25 women will be employed at the workshop, creating traditional Egyptian galabeya dresses, school uniforms, and table linens. 

According to Salah, the community is excited about working with Grand Circle Foundation. "The leader of this village, Mr. Hassany, has a good vision for the people and the determination to achieve great things," Salah says. "They are all definitely thrilled to be a part of this project."

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