ENewsletter December 2014
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ENewsletter December 2014

As 2014 comes to a close and a new year looms over the horizon, we reflect back upon the many challenges and triumphs we've encountered over the last 12 months. Above all else, we're thankful for the opportunity to help those in need—and truly believe that giving back to our community and the world we travel is a privilege. From the Ebola crisis in Africa, to racial tolerance here at home, we wish health and peace for all in the year ahead.

Traveling for Change
Featured Village Update

A Sacred Trust in the Sacred Valley
Through multiple projects, Grand Circle Foundation builds on its commitment to a Peruvian village school.
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Foundation News

What's New?
Grand Circle Foundation has donated $29,500 to UNICEF to aid in the relief of the recent Ebola crisis in West Africa.
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Recognizing Gutsy Leaders

A Lifetime Creating Opportunity and Success
We honor Lewis Family Foundation President, Bill Walczack, and his many achievements in social and community service over the past 40 years.
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Boston Service

Feeding Boston and Beyond

Boston and California associates volunteer their time and resources to help feed those in need.
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Worldwide Service

Regional Associates Pitch In

With the help of local villagers, students, and teachers, 39 regional associates set out to refurbish a school in Ban Phu Toey, Thailand.
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Generous Travelers

The Grownup Thing To Do

12-time OAT traveler, Sandra Houck, has been donating $100 a month ever since her August 2013 visit to the Salantai Day Care Center in Lithuania.
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